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The Sacrifice

Heavy Snowfall Before I Took The Journey

Image Courtesy: Jenny Lyne on Flickr

‘Twas a snowy evening, whenst I
Was walking down the aisle.
In my eyes there were no tears,
On my face there was no smile

Me cross’d the woods, an’ dark wert ‘em;
There wert no starts to guide.
There was no fear in me mind,
In an empty heart which I could hide.

I walked on and on, ‘till the dawn:
No place e’er didst came,
Where I could stop to take a breath;
An’ me glory lost acclaim.

With the sun, came a Bluejay;
She said her name was bliss.
But I kept walking forevermore,
My duty I didst not remiss.

My country is the Holy Earth,
And I a poor man;
But I shalt serve Thee and Thy scions,
In every way I can.

© Prateek Mishra - All rights reserved.
Do not use this work without the prior written consent of the author.

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