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All Alone

Attempts of denial…

Being Alone

Withering Alone

It’s not that bad,
To be all alone.
I have the stars, the silence and solace;
And no contacts
In my phone.

I haven’t a friend, an enemy or lover.
I like to sit quietly in the dark,
If I’m not asleep,
In my lonely bower;
That has grown
Sarcophegal over the years.

Sometimes the birds come chirping at the window.
Searching for a place to nest,
(Or a worm, maybe)
I’d like to say they come for me.
I approach them;
They fly away, leaving me:
All alone.

I never scream,
For I like my silence.
I get up, I bathe, I cook, I eat,
I quietly work and then I sleep silently.
I spend my evenings in futility:
With Mozart and Voltaire.

I walk around in my empty house,
In the night, thinking:
Maybe I’m not alone after all!

© Prateek Mishra - All rights reserved.
Do not use this work without the prior written consent of the author.

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